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One in a Million Friday, April 15, 2011

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by Aaliyah ~ One in a Million

I’ve a terrible headache brewing, so this will be quick tonight.

Today was my (hopefully) last day as a non-exempt employee. As of tomorrow, first-job begins its baby steps into a full career. That said, I became mildly re-acquainted with someone I’ve been trying to write with for quite some time. Today, I’ve also embarked on some first steps in trying to reach out to an agent by simply posting in their comments in a single post. It’s not much, but given that I normally don’t do that sort of thing, it was a giant leap for me.

My point, I suppose, is that I feel as if I’m getting a bunch of signs thrown at me that make me believe that if I just hold on for a little bit longer, second-job will become my only job. That’s not to say that single posts and Facebook friends are the key to my success, but I have a lot of blessings coming to me at the same time, so rather than just accept them and be thankful, I’m the type to over-rationalize and look my gift horse directly in the mouth. I don’t know…

I wrote 286 words (Then you’ll have to fake it like the rest of us.) tonight and given that I’m quite tired, my dinner gross and this headache feels as if someone’s slammed my head repeatedly against my desk, I think I’m through pontificating over my recent blessings and I think I’m ready to simply call it a night.


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