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Very telling Monday, April 4, 2011

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There’s a fine line between moving along the story and just plain telling what’s going on rather than showing it. At this juncture in the novel, I know that I’ve so much to cut of the previous chapters that I don’t want to add to it with more superfluous prose and dialogue, but in my haste, I am telling the story instead of allowing it to develop naturally.

I’m actually at a loss for what to do with the book for now. I don’t want to just tell everything and let the dialogue do the rest of the work, but I also don’t want to end up with some disastrous 250K masterpiece that I’ll never manage to get published, either.

I even want to keep writing tonight, past the 379 words (say a word to him for the rest of the day) I managed for the night, but I’m afraid to keep going. I’m either going to continue telling when I should be showing or I’ll show this book to death.

I think I’ll stop for the night. I’m satisfied that I’m back to writing in a natural position again instead of with my laptop resting against my…lap, so the creative juices flow more freely. I’ve got to deal with the repercussions of first-job tomorrow and I don’t think it will be pretty.


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