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30-Day 5K – Day Eleven Monday, June 11, 2012

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I know I’m supposed to be saving and all, but I’ve bought a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad and, dear God, do I love it! I’d been researching them for the longest time, but I’d hated the prospect of having to type at a miniature keyboard where I’d have to actually watch my fingers as I typed and the on screen keyboard for the iPad, while useful, is just not useful when it comes to the amount of typing that I like to do. My patience in this regard has paid off and I’ve found the perfect little keyboard that has normal-sized keys and is light enough to carry in my bag.

In honor of my new purchase, I’ve edited my 10,538 words to the end of Chapter 28 exclusively on my iPad today and I’m writing today’s post on it as well. Aside from the delight of being able to type at a normal speed on my iPad, this keyboard is doing wonders on my poor, overworked wrists, which makes me love it all the more.

Despite getting through much of the first-phase cutting of this chapter, I’ve still got to break it apart like I did the previous chapter and eyeball some of these word counts before I begin my rewrite and goodness, what a rewrite this will be. Characters will be stripped entirely and my link to my Reruns project is in jeopardy, but this month is passing far quicker than I would like given my lofty goal at the end of it and, if I expect to have anything to show for this month, I’ll need to continue pushing as much as possible.

I’ll end by noting that, yes, I could have easily edited more this evening, but I’d restarted Downton Abbey on Saturday while taking out my braids and, since I can’t stand to pause halfway through all the episodes, my latest procrastinating endeavour took the stage today…and will likely continue through Wednesday. The important thing, however, is that I write first and then watch as a nice reward at the end of the evening. 🙂


Even later Monday, July 4, 2011

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So the power went out last night and I didn’t get to do what I wanted. Still this feels like the day previous, so I’m going to treat it as such since I wrote this post yesterday, but wanting to save my iPhone in case the outage lasted all night, I’m posting now.

There is a Somalian woman who cleans the trash bins on the floor of the building at first-job. She knows minimal English and our conversations are never more than a “How are you?” each day, but every once in a while, we can manage a little.

I know she has children and she wants to learn enough English so that she can go to college just like I know that she works seven days a week and prays multiple times a day in a quiet corner in the stairwell.

The other day this woman and I were discussing Independence Day and she mentioned to me how July 4th got its importance in 1776. She smiled when she said this and told me that she had to memorize this for her citizenship test.

I saw her several times this weekend and we said our normal “How are yous” but I doubt I’ll ever forget that smile on her face as she stated that independence was in 1776. I’m not sure why, but in that moment especially, I was very, very proud to be an American.

I wrote 390 words today (when church was dismissed for the day) and even though I have long-since been an Anglophile and my subconscious “sounds” British to the point that I often forget and have to “Americanize” my characters’ dialogue and my favorite films are British and my most loved characters are British…still, I’m quite proud that I’m an American.


My Cheating Heart Thursday, March 17, 2011

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I had to cheat a little to get this one in on time since I had a project to finish at first-job…which I didn’t finish. WordPress App saves all with drafts for the win! 🙂

My assistant at first-job left today, for good this time which is going to be a ton of work for me now. I’ll get through it but I know I’ll have a lot more of these close call nights than I did previously.

Why, oh why, didn’t I give myself some cushion yesterday??

I did make it to 264 words tonight (All bulls**t, I say.) though, it was a true race and clearly an exercise in allowing adrenaline to fuel creativity. Now, I’m so wired, I could almost finish the rest of the book on the same swig of energy…but, I’ll settle for a little bit of writing cushion and some Lego Star Wars instead.


Nine chapters in four months Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I finished Chapter 11 and wrote 1166 words tonight (cuz i finshd d gray c u 2mrrw).

I had made a stop to Bath and Body Works this evening and, since I always park near where the Gamestop is at the mall, I couldn’t help but stop a moment and came out with the first Rock Band game, which enabled me to cross another item off the “Stuff I Want” list. Game in hand, I desired nothing more than to come home and play.

Instead of going straight home to play my game, I remembered that I was nearly out of my daily steamer meals that I eat for lunch and since time has taught me that the moment I run out of food, I run straight for the junk in the cafeteria, I did the adult thing and went grocery shopping.

After shopping for only what I needed, I went home and even played an iPhone game for ten minutes, before putting away all my groceries and admiring my new BBW purchases, all with the full intent of playing Rock Band for the rest of the evening. There was just one caveat tonight…I knew I had to make a post before midnight.

Any other night like tonight, where I went about my life, pretending to be an adult, it would not have mattered if I was seven words from completing the chapter, everything else that happened this evening would have taken over my mind and kept me from writing. I would have spent too long in the grocery store making plans to cook all these recipes that I would never get around to making or gone to Macy’s as well and dropped another 2-400 on stuff I don’t really need or bought three or four games that I had perused, but hadn’t put on the list and then gone home to play all of them well into the night. I had so many viable distractions tonight and yet…I finished Chapter 11.

I’ve heard it said that it takes 21 days to make a habit and I’ve proven that wrong many, many times as I get to day 23 or 25 and completely lose it. With this blog, however, I’ve grounded myself into something that keeps me accountable to me and the progress I’ve made just astounds me.

I completed “the heavy notes” for Damen just after my birthday in 2009 and I spent the vast majority of 2010 trying to accomplish what seemed fairly simple at the time; just write. But, I went from October 2009 through November 2010 with only getting through 3.5 chapters of the whole book. I look back on the progress I’ve made since December 2010 and I smile…wide.

I’ve completed nine chapters in four months, when it took me more than nine months to get to four chapters last year. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This blog keeps me honest.


Hair! Saturday, January 22, 2011

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…not the musical.

I really did intend to write today, but I’ve decided to take my hair out of these braids and, since that is a five-hour process, any writing really isn’t happening tonight.

What’s frustrating is that I had ample opportunity to write this afternoon, but had forgot to load the novel to my phone and thus was without any work.

I tried to just delve into a later chapter, but quit when I realized the futility of writing something I wad just going to edit out of existence when I finally caught up to that part of the novel.

While I’m not proud of going this long without writing, I am proud that I’ve gone now 22 days straight without missing a post. I haven’t managed a feat like this since…well, never.

Also, while I didn’t get to write much today, I did spend some time with folks who are somewhere between the buddy/friend line. I also learned about the use of dashes from a new Twitter follower, so it’s a great day overall.

Anyhoo, I’ve still got three fourths of my hair to unbraid and somehow straighten into something presentable.

It’s very strange, though: most of this week, I’ve had the time to write, but was just not in the mood, yet now I’d long for just a few more hours in this day so that another 48 hours won’t pass without a word added to the novel. There’s a moral here…I just know it.


Hi ho! Netflix! Friday, January 21, 2011

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My eyes are tired, but somehow I managed to watch Netflix. I heart it so much already and, now that I’m reasonably warm and comfortable on my sofa watching some strange Japanese film from long ago.

I doubt I’ll get much written today. I may edit later this evening; I remember writing something last night, though the days are running together for me lately. I’d say I need a break, but I’ve already had numerous breaks this month and the month is almost done.

I hope that February will be more fruitful. Also, there’s nothing that stops me from writing in the morning; though if I can just make it to first-job on time tonight, I’ll feel all right.

For now, onto more foreign film and “Arrested Development!”


Mmm…writing… Thursday, January 6, 2011

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I wrote and edited 783 words tonight, which is really incredible considering that I wrote close to a hundred words while half asleep and didn’t think I’d get passed fifty words tonight.

It’s hard to really grasp why I wouldn’t want to write anything when I devote so much of time thinking about the craft and my plans with it. Not a week goes by where I don’t add another entry to my “Book ideas” note on my iPhone and daydream about my own characters on my way to and from my first job.

I often think about whether Damen would have embraced a Kindle or if he would have remained true to paper books. It is very rare that I don’t try to picture Luka as best I can and identify things that make him too similar to Damen and ways I can change that. Today, my aunt even told me how much she likes reading Flight now that she’s started it while at my own Nana’s. The craft is a part of my very being…so how can I reach a point in the day where I grumble, “I just don’t want to…”?

It defies any logic and while I’d like to just blame the first job, I can’t help thinking that I never had these problems while trying to write Flight. I finished the 450K-word novel in less than two years, but here I am rounding the corner on Year 4 of Damen and I’m still in “I just don’t want to” phase. Back then, I even had to teach myself to give up drinking so that I had the capacity to write in the evenings instead of fall asleep after a light buzz, but all I really wanted to do tonight was cuddle in my blanket and watch “Seinfeld.”

Once I got the juices flowing (and hit a more planned part of the novel), I got a partial second wind, but I don’t I’ll write another word tonight; perhaps it’s real fatigue since I’m getting that pang in my stomach that starts when my body is too tired to stay upright, or maybe it’s just plain laziness.

Either way, at least I got in some writing tonight. Tomorrow’s another day.


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