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By Your Side Monday, April 11, 2011

by Sade ~ Lovers Rock

I’m in a bit of a blank daze now since I’ve not done too much else outside of play Rock Band and other games and my mind has melted into mush.

I sat down to write this evening and said to myself, “How will I ever get to 250?!?!” It’s amazing how daunting 250 words looks and sounds when one isn’t in the mood to write. That said, I got to 483 and then bumped that up to 566 words (No words were spoken, but much was said.) for the night.

I guess I feel this way because of the amazing changes going on in my life and the lives of my friends and family. I visited a friend and her Sweet Baby Rea today and holding her little girl made really consider that it might be time to settle down, get married and have a kid of my own. The moment passed as soon as the baby was back to mommy, but the fact that I’m even considering it tells me that biological clock is not just ticking but clanging loudly with each passing day.

Perhaps this is why I spend so much time writing and playing games (and playing piano, since I did manage to get in a little of that today as well). The escape from reality is no longer an occasional bit of recreation, but a real necessity in my life. Allowing myself to get wrapped up in the story is not just fun, but gives my mind a bit of rest, even though I’m physically exhausted from making my own “band” in Rock Band by singing and playing the guitar at the same time. The body is tired, but the mind is rested from worry, which provides me with the presence of mind to write at night.

I’ve rambled for much too long at this point. I’m playing Grand Theft Auto IV right now, but may park that ( 🙂 ) for some Lego Clone Wars or Kinect Adventures…whatever. I think I still need to escape into more rest for the night.


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