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Carrot Cake Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Walmart sells these small pieces of carrot cake that come with their own fork inlaid with the case of the cake. I love these more than anything and it’s difficult to imagine anything better at the end of my day than watching Frasier, writing a little (which is interesting that I can continue to do with Frasier still playing instead of music) and eating my little square of carrot cake.

Yesterday, I was feeling a little down and just the thought of carrot cake has brought up my spirits.

I wrote 437 words (he still would have lied.) even though I know that I’ve still got to make Dana Barrington fit somewhere in the remaining plot, but I like what I’ve written and I’m glad I got in a little bit of autobiography in Damen.

Tonight, I will continue watching Frasier and have my cake and eat it too. 🙂


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