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Creepin’ In Thursday, April 7, 2011

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Creepin’ in is a Norah Jones song featuring Dolly Parton and I blame it and Jones’ entire Feels Like Home album for getting me into country music. I didn’t listen to the song tonight, but it seemed fitting for the day and evening I’ve had.

After several days of just being happy to be happy, the old worries and troubles are starting to creep back into my psyche. While I try to remember to be thankful for what I do have instead of what I don’t and to praise for my daily blessings, my concerns with first-job are coming to the forefront of my mind again and with it, the distractions from my writing.

It took me ten minutes of trying to write with Clone Wars playing in the background before I realized it was the fact that I had the TV going that was keeping me from thinking clearly.

I wrote 284 words tonight (speaking so softly, it sounded as if she was cooing) and I found myself writing a little and checking the word count over and over until I got over 250 words. I’m just starting to feel a bit overwhelmed again, though a heavy weight has recently been lifted from my shoulders at first-job.

Now I have the burden of making some huge life decisions and since my crystal ball has been fuzzy since age six, I can’t see what the future holds, which makes these decisions very difficult and stressful. Instead of facing this stress head on, however, I’ve decided to spend the evening playing the sims. I’d much rather mess up a fictional character’s life instead of my own, for now.


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