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Haters Thursday, April 14, 2011

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My pastor has often preached about how not everyone wants to see you get blessed. People don’t always want to see you get a new house, or buy a new car or get promoted in your job out of their own sinful and arrogant, for lack of a better word, haterism. I’ve noticed this for the first time today.

I’ve not gone 24 hours into a new promotion before those green with envy have taken to the streets with their own frustrations. I think this comes to me as a sort of shock as I’ve always thought myself better than envy and have ignored it anytime I felt it creeping, thinking of the positives in my life instead. I suppose it’s just disappointing that people can’t be happy for you just because they’re good people.

Anyway, I’m tired tonight and while I didn’t bother to turn off Frasier for long enough to write anything significant, I did turn off The Sims and write 279 words tonight (there’s far more occurring than meets the eye.” “I guess so.”).

It’s time to just quit for the night and go back to my Sims and Frasier…and perhaps some laundry.


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