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Other writings Saturday, June 19, 2010

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In the past few months, I’ve been working hard to revitalize my blog, Dorienne’s Log. It’s been difficult with so many things going on lately, what with getting promoted and trying to write Damen, but today I’ve made something worthwhile which tells me, however verbose I may be, that I may be onto something with writing these articles. I truly enjoy it in a way that I hadn’t previously given my propensity to move away from any kinds of journalism. I’m not sure why I’ve always felt that there journalism was far to constrictive for me to pursue, but the more I blog, the more I enjoy it.

It’s also worth noting that before I became embroiled in all things Apple and iPhone, I had very little discuss that hadn’t already been discussed to death. That’s not to say that I’ve got loads to discuss now, but I simply want to write more than I had previously.

I’ve finally finagled weekends off from work, so now I think I’m primed to spend Saturdays writing like I’ve always wanted to do, but was never able to do. At least…now I don’t have the excuse of work to keep me from doing what I love.


Twenty-six pages later… Friday, June 4, 2010

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I’ve been writing almost consistently for the past week. While I wanted to have Chapter 3 complete before the end of May, I’m glad I’m not rushing it.

This draft has been shaping quite differently from the last. It is almost as if I’m using the original draft as a guide to write the novel. Pieces that I had spent a lot of time shaping the first draft, are being either lightly touched upon or glossed over altogether in the second. It it is almost like I’m working off what I call “heavy notes” for this draft, but I refuse to call it that, because that means I didn’t have anything worthwhile complete in 2009. That’s not quite true though; as I learned with Flight, the “heavy notes” are a big part of the process and once I’ve got those together, the novel sort of shapes itself.

I’ve almost been jotting little notes on the iPhone here and there for the makings of some Star Wars stories. I remember saying to myself, not too long ago while making some edits on Wookiepedia, “I really don’t have a story to tell when it comes to Star Wars.” Lo and behold, as I was taking down my braids the other night, a story came to mind and just developed over the next day. I can’t wait to get really started on it. In fact, I can’t wait to just have a fully complete draft of the novel so that I can justify writing anything else at the moment. I’ve got an SVU story and now a Star Wars story just waiting to be written and I’d like to write them before I get too bogged down with other stories and forget. There’s also a Harry Potter story I’d like to write before things get too hectic as well.

Man, I’ve got a lot of writing to do. I’ll have carpal tunnel before too long for sure!


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