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My 14-year-old self Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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The other day I finished watching as much of Scrubs as I cared to watch. There was never a dip in quality throughout the first 8 seasons, but that 9th season was too much of a departure to be watched any further and so about ten minutes into the 9th season, I decided it was time to move onto a new show on Netflix (Oh, Netflix! Why doest thou dishonour me so?!) After browsing about the various shows in my queue, I settled on Ally McBeal, which I hadn’t watched since it went off the air when I was about 17 or so.

This was the one show that I’d watched from the very beginning to the very end. Every single episode, from pilot to finale. That in itself makes the show an adventure down memory lane.

In watching the first few episodes on Netflix (Oh, Netflix! Does my loyalty mean nothing to you?!) with my almost 27-year-old eyes, I couldn’t help but become 14 again in my chair. The same little crush on Gil Bellows existed as it did then and I had the greatest urge to queue up an episode of X-Files prior to watching the next episode to make the illusion complete.

Mostly, however, I was amused by how well I remembered all the words to the songs throughout the episodes. As a surprise birthday gift when I was 14, my mother had bought my “Songs from Ally McBeal” and I wore out that CD before Christmas. Even now as I write, I listen to my favorites from it. I wrote a lot of Evan and some of Alex to it around age 14 and I still love it dearly.

I wrote 541 words today (and went to Facebook) even with every part of me wanting to go back to my show.

So, I’m not sure whether it is the show on its own that sets me in a world of reverie or whether it’s the music that reminds me of the world when I was 14, but I can’t help thinking about it: Clinton hadn’t been impeached yet, Aaliyah was still making music, Beyonce was just the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, soccer was still just a niche sport that was barely gaining momentum, the Red Sox had yet to break the curse, The X-Files was still amazing and September 11th was just another day. Ah, 14…


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