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563 Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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A hard day fought is still a hard day. I told myself that I wouldn’t give it credence by mentioning it anywhere, but I can’t help myself sometimes.

I hate how the media is so crafty in its deception of the people and I hate how so many people can be sent the improper messages to the point of rallying them under a flag of ignorance.

Perhaps I’ve watched too much Law and Order (and this is probably true), but I can’t see how people can rally around a person who was in all actuality a lowlife who was caught beating a homeless man in the street for a single beer. This wasn’t an individual who was harmlessly driving to his suburban home after spending the day with Habitat for Humanity and was then pulled over by the police for no reason, only to act in self-defense. This was a man who ran from the police after performing crimes only the lowest of the low perform, shot and officer and then went back to make sure he was dead.

I don’t wish to cast that proverbial stone by saying that if he was low enough to beat a homeless man for a beer, then shooting a cop is certainly not beneath him, but I still say it’s worth noting. Twenty years have passed since this man was put on death row and my question to all the naysayers is what the heck have all these people been doing for the past twenty years? Why recant your statements now after multiple trials and hearings? Are you of so little strength of character that you allow yourself to be brow-beaten by the anti-death penalty crowd into saying something other than what you know to be fact? And, what is fact? I can barely remember what I did with myself yesterday other than roll my eyes over this drivel, but you can say for an absolute certainty what you did or did not see twenty years ago?

At the end of all things, this man is now before his Creator; whether he is facing the judgment for his crimes or is finally at peace is not for me to know. All I can say is that he was not the first to face the death penalty and he is not the last. If he was innocent, God will take care of that. If he was not innocent, God will still take care of that.

I wrote 563 words today (should’ve said something…supposa-bly.”) and I’m glad I’m to get them. Only prayer will get me through some of these thoughts I’ve got swirling through my mind.


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