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The caffeine struggle Monday, September 19, 2011

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The entire day was spent writhing in agony over my caffeine addiction. The only thing I can think of is perhaps all the memories of this struggle will serve for good writing material when I final start to write about Michael Connor.

Michael Connor…

Michael Connor will be Connor and I have very few notes on his story though tonnes of it in my memory. Connor is who I call my oldest character. When I was eight years in the third grade, our teacher made us write stories to help us learn our spelling words. Inadvertently, I not only learned to spell the words (I was already a spelling bee champ by third grade ;)), but also developed my love of storytelling. Somewhere towards the middle of third grade, I thought of a little boy with dirty blond hair who did not always do as he was told to do and I named him Michael Connor. Unlike the other characters featured in all my other stories, I wrote about Connor outside of the third grade. Into fourth and fifth grades, I continued to write little stories about him, occasionally adding new characters to his stories and at the end of sixth grade, when I started writing Evan, I kept Connor as a subsidiary character. Evan turned into a four-part series and I made sure that the last story featured Connor.

I’ve grown up writing Connor and it’s almost like I’ve watched him develop into the horror of a person he is by the time he is 18 in his own story and every time I struggle with trying to rid my body of caffeine addiction, I think of him and the story that pends with him.

I wrote 718 words today (it’s a rose, but it’s mostly dead), but I suspect much of what I’ve written over the past few days will require massive editing and lots of cuts. I suppose it’s best to just keep on keeping on and think of all the other stories I’ve got waiting once I’m finished with Damen.


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