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A day of rest Sunday, July 1, 2012

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I got power back yesterday around 2 o’clock in the morning and the Internet some time this afternoon. Rather than begin streaming things and jumping right in where I’d left off on Thursday, I decided to let today be a true day of rest and reflection.

I went to Sunday School this morning, drawing the surprise and awe from all those who know I don’t typically arrive for the normal 11:00am morning service until about 11:45 each week. I felt good to just talk about the bible for a bit.

I’d decided to go to Sunday School this morning, power or not, as a part of my celebration for completing this edit and I’m very glad to have went. In continuing with my planned celebration, I’ve spent the better part of this afternoon playing Minecraft as Downton Abbey played in the background, just like I’d wanted.

I’ve got loads of notes for this next draft and even though I still just say “It’s coming along. It’s coming along.” when others ask about the novel’s progress, it really is in it’s final steps.

Tomorrow, apart from taking this blasted COMPASS test to see where I place for math to start school again, I plan to just dive right on in and continue with my second edit of the novel. It will be difficult to spend yet another month thinking about the novel non-stop, but if these last few months have shown me anything, it’s that I don’t do well with a break lasting more than a day or two at the very most.


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