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The Rocky Road of Productivity Thursday, May 2, 2013

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I’m posting this via iPhone/Siri from my bed because I don’t want to miss my first day of posting, but it really is bedtime for me.

Yesterday, I made a short list of parts of the novel to fix and I actually got them fixed today. The last two months have been spent making a list of chapter details for each chapter, so that I could have a master list available at a moments notice and be able to figure out what could easily get cut and where the novel was going wrong (I love that Siri actually adds commas when you add ask it to). This daunting process has annoyed me endlessly, but I’ve finally got to a point where it’s actually becoming useful.

Using my chapter details, I’ve been able to make the quick list that I used yesterday, hence the productivity.

Tonight’s goal will simply be to finalize the last two chapters before I reach the final two chapters of the boo, if that makes sense.

I’ve hardly made changes to the very last two chapters of the book this entire time, so that’ll be an adventure in itself in the coming week. These last two chapters before those final chapters, however, are going to be what I will consider the end of the part called Damen H. Damen I should be my final edit before I have a true first draft and then…finally! I’ll have something to send to agents. 🙂

On to tomorrow…


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