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The Final Five Thousand Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Admittedly, not as cool-sounding as The Last Ten Thousand (which would be an awesome title for that James of Avradel thingy I never finished…), but I suppose it is apt.

I’d wanted to post something yesterday so as not to go an entire month without posting my progress, but I dislike posting just for the sake of it, especially when I’ve nothing particularly relevant to say and, until early this morning, I’d not done anything particularly relevant to this blog.

I’d wanted to have the book finished and shipped before April 1st, but my interest waned as I came upon three points of the novel that just weren’t going anywhere. Everything before and after them were fine, but these three parts were keeping me from having something worthwhile to present and, so, rather than force it until they worked, I did everything but write. I bought a new laptop which increased my FPS on Minecraft from around 7-10 fps to averaging around 121fps and I was able to give the old laptop to my cousin. I played around on the Internet a lot and spent countless housrs playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out (seriously, I’m too into this game; I’m kaitco there as well). I generally passed the days as if my twenties would last forever and just reveled in the idea of not having anything to do. All idle time must, however, come to an end.

As I find myself most productive when I remain accountable and since this is the beginning of a new month, now is as good a time as any to start another 30-day push with the novel. Current word count is around 125,800 which puts me very close to my goal, though, it’s quite likely, I’ll just send it when it’s done since I’m just sick of thinking about word count.

I’ve been saying this for the last 14 months: I’m so close. I’m not going to “plan” on sending anything on June 1st or June 15th or even July 1st. I’ll just send it when it’s done. The goal here, however, is to just keep Damen at the forefront of my mind so I don’t face another September and another birthday still working on this bleeping novel.

I’ll do my best to post my progress daily, if only to have a log for the final days in writing Damen. Cheers to me!


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