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Another fine Sunday Sunday, August 12, 2012

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As I continue on this Christian walk, I occasionally find myself not wanting to attend church. Folks can make half a dozen arguments surrounding why church is not entirely necessary for a Christian to still walk with Christ; my favorite: going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. That said, this Christian needs to attend church, so when I don’t have the drive to go, I face a dilemma.

Today, however, more out of routine than anything else, I pulled myself from bed this morning, texted my choir director for the songs we were to sing to day since I didn’t get to go to practice yesterday and dragged myself to church. I even said aloud, “I really don’t want to go to church this morning.” but I made myself do it, again, primarily out of routine.

As always, I felt better once I got there and received another wonderful method about how Satan operates, but the delight from the day came from afternoon service. I attend a small church with less than a hundred people attending weekly and typically, if I sit near the back of the church, I can more easily ignore the pastor’s request for attendance at our four o’clock service. Today, however, I sat in the second row and it became very difficult to suddenly find interest in something on my phone when Pastor requested that we return for the late service.

I was about to flip a coin on my attendance, but after a sermon about being judged by my acts and being stricken from the book of life if those acts measured up, I didn’t find it wise to leave church attendance to a coin flip. Despite my weekly after-church fatigue, I went to second service, knowing that it’s rare for me to hear a sermon as good as the one from the morning service. The sermon was as expected, but my “reward” of sorts was a few moments where my mind drifted and I was able to come up with a brand new book idea, tentatively titled “Earth trippin'”; albeit the title needs work.

After hearing a sermon that was so much more like bible study than a lecture that I feel more comfortable about my Christian walk and the concept of death, I ended the day with a brand new book idea.

God is great.


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