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Giving Up Is Like Whipped Cream Sunday, August 5, 2012

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…it’s sooo easy and it tastes sooo good.

I want to give up on everything.
This fast…I wonder why I’ve even started this.
Writing…come on, I’m sure there are better ways to further mankind.
Religion…perhaps I’ll just do my own thing; how hot can hell possibly be?

The interesting thing about abandoning my goals is that I’m very, very stubborn and I don’t like letting others win when I know that if I apply myself just a bit, I can not only win, but whoop anyone else in the race.

Today’s sermon at church was just what I needed to hear. Most of it was about Satan; how powerful he is and how large is his army, etc. I’m a very proud, stubborn person though and if Satan just wants me to give up (because that’s all he really wants), then my resolve strengthens when I say to myself “I refuse to let him win.”

The easy route is so called because it is easy. It’s easy to do nothing and just let life happen like it’s easy to not spend half my Sunday in a church or spend my days playing video games instead of writing stories that could one day become games themselves.

But life is not easy and being a Christian is even harder and striving to be a Christian writer is even harder than that.

The good thing, though, is that I’m very stubborn and just knowing that there is someone out there who wants me to give up and fail just makes me want to walk even closer with the one who wants me to succeed.


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