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All witted out Saturday, August 4, 2012

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I’ve got nothing fun or interesting to share today and it seems that I’m all out of wit for the time being.

I will, however, share this tidbit: Addiction can come in just about any form imaginable. There are the obvious addictions to narcotics, etc. which folks can spend a lifetime trying to cure and, assuming they come out of it, can then go on giving talks to teenagers about the dangers of addiction, but life (my life at least) doesn’t always throw the “normal” addictions at you. More often, addiction forms and grows on the mundane.

Most of the people who are addicted to caffeine don’t even recognize it as an addiction; they just complain about a headache if they don’t have their morning tea or coffee. Others can see nicotine as an addiction, but it’s rare to have your friends start an intervention if you smoke a pack a day. Going further down the path of addiction, however, things get slightly more interesting, though they are far more mundane.

Addiction to video games usually comes with an eye roll and calling said person a “loser” without any thought behind why this person needs to spend their time playing some dumb game. Addiction to food just makes you look weak-willed and your doctor will hardly ever refer you to a rehabilitation program for it, not until you reach the 400lb mark. Gaming and food addictions are only just now being recognized by the APA (no, seriously), but I liken both to substance abuse. The high achieved eating what I ought not eat is the same as the high achieved by playing Minecraft day in and out and now, barely five days into this, I’m starting to struggle like anyone suffering from nicotine or even gambling would. I’ll not be writing anything today, not because I’ve not got anything to write, but because instead of focusing on plots and characters, my mind can only imagine the taste of fries and mining from iron and gold to lay tracks across my massive Minecraft island. Addiction is addiction, no matter how lame it is.

Like I said, I haven’t anything overly insightful to say today, but…Do you ever have those days when you wish you were an alcoholic or had a drug habit just so that you wouldn’t have to suffer from the mundane addictions? No one will ever go on Ellen to discuss their harrowing journey through caffeine withdrawal, just like I doubt my struggle with giving up fast food and Minecraft will ever make it into my memoirs…but I sometimes, I think it really should.


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