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My points Friday, August 3, 2012

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Last night, I had another epiphany: Writing a novel is really, really hard.

Actually, I take that back; the writing part is incredibly simple for me, but editing what I’ve written into something others would want to read is a chore I wouldn’t wish the folks I most despise.

My plan for July was to create notes for each of my chapters to determine how best to move around things and figure out what needed to be deleted. Those notes haven’t really done that, but they’ve aided me in another way by giving me a quicker method of getting to the “point” with each chapter.

I sat down last night, read each chapter summary and made a point about the chapter. Basically, “What am I trying to do in this chapter?” Some of them are very simplistic (The Point: Setting the scene), while others forced me to really wonder why I’d included the chapter at (The Point: ?? Introduction to his black books and a view of the world from Damen’s eyes; Memory reflects that more fights are likely imminent).

I found myself ready to scrap scenes that, had I not gone through this exercise, I would have never thought possible to delete, which has its pros and cons. There are some scenes (Damen and Dana’s Tumblr poems; the thought of it nearly made me burst into tears) that I’m loathe to delete, but I know I may have to in the end. I’ll save the really beloved scenes from the axe until the very end, however.

I finished my points last night and today, I’ll use them to ensure that the novel has a real plot to it. After that comes my digital red pen which will view the book not as “my beloved novel”, but as “a project that must be corrected.” My “right brain” and “left brain” will do battle today over this novel and my prayer is that the compromise on something worthwhile.


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