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30-Day 5K – Day Eight Friday, June 8, 2012

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Unless you were in a hole this week, you’ll know that LinkedIn got hacked and about 6 million passwords were compromised. My frustration with this is not lax security or devious hackers, but the fact that out of so many million LinkedIn users, why was I chosen to have my password stolen? Why can’t I be chosen for something cool, like the lottery or something? Anyway…

I edited 5348 words (from her again that night.) today and it took a while before I finally resigned to just cut away entire conversations to get to the point. It hurt at first to remove these discussions that I’d taken quite a while to craft months earlier, but my satisfaction comes from knowing that the edited product is much better than its predecessor.

I’m not terribly inspired this evening, so I think I’ll end on that note.

Seriously though…how many million LinkedIn users are there…?


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