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30-Day 5K – Day Two Saturday, June 2, 2012

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For the past couple days, I’ve been musing over Dana Barrington’s character a lot. A quick search on this blog shows I’ve been rather perplexed by her character for a very long time as I’ve gone back and forth, hopelessly trying to come to a decision on her.

Some days I think I’ve got her purpose all figured out and then a few months later, everything is muddy again. I’d figure out a reason to keep her, but then decide to nix that reason and wonder if I should even bother with it.

I suppose the only reason I’ve even given her any thought at all is because I want to keep this whole “Dorienne Universe” going and I’d like it to start with Flight, not with Damen. If I got rid of Dana Barrington, I’d lose my link back to Flight and I really, really wanted all of these stories to link together in some way.

So, this has been my thought process over the week as I pondered on Dana’s purpose in Damen, since, as far as word count goes, she is the most expendable character I’ve got given that her presence has little to do with the overall story…had that is.

I’ve had another conundrum while writing this book which is that it has been missing some of the intrigue that I knew I had with Flight. With Flight, there was all this mystery around my unnamed murderer and also around what had actually happened to Olivia and I know those parts moved along the whole book. Damen had none of that, but I think I’ve finally got it and best of all, it surrounds my character Dana Barrington.

I mention this because I’ve come to this place so often with regard to Dana, where I finally figure out a reason to keep her despite a zillion reasons to nix her, and I think this will just be really funny to me months later when I have to end up cutting her anyway.

I wrote 7592 words today (ten seconds later: no prob damen-mon) and read through what will be the 24th chapter; all 13K words of it. Tomorrow’s endeavour will be to trim all the fluff down to 5K or split the chapter and focus on cutting more in Chapter 25.

All in all, I’ve cut the book down to 199K, leaving me with just another 80-90K to trim, but at least I’m pushing…


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