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My 30-Day 5K Thursday, May 31, 2012

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I won’t be doing any running, of course; that’s just madness. I will, however, be writing and editing a lot. The plan here is to spend the next 30days writing and/or editing a minimum of five thousand words every day. This should get me through, in theory, about a chapter every two days, letting me finish with a nearly complete product by mid-month and then another 15 days to clean up things.

This is a bit drastic and a little illogical and I’ve set up things like this in the past quite often and have also failed in these self-challenges just as often, but it’s time to do something.

I feel my life starting to slip into simple mediocrity without anything meaningful to help me feel creative any longer (yes, I’ve stopped watching Downton Abbey for the moment) and I worry that if I keep going like this, if I just stop writing or stop daydreaming about the stories I’d like to write, I’ll turn around, realize I’m 30 and my life still hasn’t started.

On top of this, I’m really going to pay close attention to my spending and concentrate on debt reduction next month, since I make a good enough living to be living better than I do, but I’m wasting all of it on debt increased by the number of times I eat out rather than cook something…which brings me to the third goal for June, which is that if I’m too lazy to pack a lunch for myself the previous night (on top of writing my 5K), then I’ll just have to go hungry.

It’s hard to punish oneself, but I’ve been a very spoiled brat for too long and someone’s got to do it.

I’ll post daily to keep me honest and make me really think about whether I’m going to lie on the sofa in the evening and do nothing since I’ll know I’ll have to answer for it. With my wrist feeling a little bit better, I’m willing to push myself, so even if I’ve got no chance at achieving all three of these goals, at least I’ll get a little momentum going on one front.


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