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Whitney… Saturday, February 11, 2012

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This post was going to be about all my struggles to write this week (I wrote 2041 words today) and how I’ve finally decided that I’m really going to buy a house in 2012, so I’ve been insanely frugal in the past few days, but that’s not going to happen tonight. Maybe tomorrow, if I get to it.

Whitney Houston passed today. I’m not sure what it is about celebrity deaths and why we, all those who had ever heard of them, are suddenly sent up in arms over there. Most of the Whitney Houston I saw during my life was Bobby Brown-tainted, but when I hear her voice and hear her name, the first thing that comes to mind is the first true gospel music I ever owned.

Years ago, when I first got saved, I, like countless others before me, went through this phase when all I wanted to listen to was gospel music. Trouble was, I had none of it and even though I still hadn’t really considered pirating gospel stealing back then, I didn’t even know where to start. All I had as far as gospel music went was The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack, in which I fell in love shortly after seeing the film for the first time. The soundtrack is probably some of finest gospel music to be found and I stand by that even years later. At some point in listening to Psalm 23 by her mother, I realized that I was with Christ for life and listened to nothing but this album for weeks upon and weeks. Eventually, Christian music experience expanded and I graduated into Christian Rock and R&B, but that album has always been my favorite.

When I think of Whitney Houston, I think of this music and her melodious voice making the Lord’s praises sound so amazing that even those furthest removed from Christ could not hear them without thinking, “My God.”

Tonight, at least, will be spent devouring her music, not unlike what happened when Michael Jackson passed, but most of all, I will be singing along with her as she sings God’s praises well into the morning. Rest in peace Whitney Houston. You’re in God’s arms now.


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