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Responsibilities Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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Today I was asked to take on some incredibly responsibility for my family. I’m scared, not of disappointing my family or even possibly facing issues with the law because of said responsibilities, but the idea that I could fail in this adult journey of mine.

It takes a lot of organization and poise to take on what I’m about to do and, while I know I’m more than capable of getting this started, seeing this to the finish line will be the real task. Lord, help me…

I managed to carve out a little time today to write, morning, afternoon and at night. I wrote 444 words (let things like that happen); not the best literature the world has had to offer, but a few steps closer to getting this done.

I can see the end of this novel and if I can just push through the next 28 days and keep my focus, I may even have this finished and ready to send by April. 🙂

Tonight’s quest, however, will be devoted to finding the best option for working on this novel on an iPad.


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