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A new idea Monday, November 28, 2011

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I think I’m getting sick of writing this novel or even thinking about it anymore. I yearn so much to write other things that I’m starting to think of insane, unpublishable things to write. Anne is totally publishable, so I’m still writing notes ad nauseum regarding that, but now, after going through virtually the entire Urkel series, I’m thinking of writing a series of short stories as if they were ongoing episodes picking up after the show got cancelled. I’m just a sucker for great characters and I’m sad to see them left so unloved and mismanaged.

I’ve already started a separate note for these stories in AwesomeNote, so there’s a huge chance they’ll get written, but in thinking about these little stories, I realized tonight that I’d better start writing more now since, at the rate I’m going, I may not live long enough to see all these stories come to light.


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