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Stress and Hope Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Nothing has occurred in the last week to give me hope that things are about to change. I’m not sure what’s…No, I’m completely sure of what’s causing some of this distress. I feel as if I’m so close to something special, but I just can’t seem to get myself far enough into gear to actually accomplish anything. Perhaps…I can just look into the little things and take a sense of accomplishment from those things.

For example, whenever I get “into” something I’m watching, I usually lose interest fairly quickly. I’ve yet to watch any little show I’ve added to my collection all the way through; I’ve started Roseanne, Ally McBeal, Wonder Years and Coupling on Netflix, for example, and intended to get through all the seasons and episodes, but failed each time, usually somewhere in the first or second season, except for Coupling because British shows only have four or five episodes for any show, so it’s far easier to get through a season there…though, it says little about me that I’ve still not finished the show…

I think perhaps, if I can get the garbage disposal fixed and then finish watching these Urkel episodes and feel some accomplishment from that.


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