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Reset button Sunday, November 13, 2011

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I went to church today! And, I got there on time too.

I’d meant to get to Sunday School, but waking early is such a chore for me on Sundays. That said, for the first time in a long while, I really wanted to be there and I couldn’t wait to come back.

My choir sings on the second Sunday of every month and if I wasn’t in the mood to sing, I would either show up late or skip church altogether. This is due to a previous incident where I was dragged up to the choir stand when I didn’t want to sing. Today, however, I just took a stand and said that I wasn’t in the mood to sing and was able to just sit and enjoy the service like I’ve wanted to do for the longest time.

The thing is, what I’ve wanted even longer is to just reset myself when it comes to my church-going. More than a year ago, the Sunday school changed its books and its format and I lost the will to continue with teaching, though I’d been teaching for more than a year. After leaving the Sunday school, I quickly came to realize that it was the only thing that kept me truly glued to the church. Actually studying the bible in detail kept me intrigued with the Word and gave me more incentive to attend church every week. When I stopped going to Sunday School, I soon became unable to attend church each week like I had so easily prior to the change.

Anyway, this Sunday I felt as if I finally got to hit the reset button on my Christian experience. Years ago, I first started to attend church every week and then I started to attend Sunday school. After that, I joined the choir and then I started teaching Sunday School. Though, I doubt I’ll be able to go directly in that same order, I still feel like I can start over properly, especially now that the Sunday school has gone back to a format from which I can learn about the bible and about Christ.


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