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Torrent Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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I found a torrent for Urkel today, but it’s taking eons to get. I don’t feel bad about this torrent, though I rarely feel bad about any torrent, since the DVDs are even further away than this torrent. I don’t understand why that BS Mary-Kate and Ashley show is entirely on DVD and has been for years, but these Urkel DVDs are coming at a pace of one every two years. Total bull.

I’m starting to feel a bit better, though very weak. The house is a complete disaster-area; there are tissues everywhere from when I was just too tired and lazy to empty the trashcan so I just threw the tissue onto the floor in disgust. I know I’m starting to feel better because I can actually see the mess now that I’m not just going back and forth from my chair to the bathroom to my bed in my quest for staying alive these past few days. Again, nothing will be written today. My only hope is that when I do start to feel better, I’ll be able to make up for these past few days of sickness and sloth.


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