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Slightly better Monday, November 7, 2011

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Another day of steam baths and sweltering heat has made me start feeling a little better. Since I’ve not been able to do much more than sit and blink, I’ve gone through the process of acquiring and installing all the individual Sims 2 stuff packs. I think the entire idea of these stuff packs is asinine since they cost so much for adding so little to the game. Nevertheless, I have them and have gone through the painstaking process of installing them one by one to give myself a complete Sims 2 game.
I’ve played some more of Sims 3 and was starting to like it a little. The Bramble dad went to play a chess match in a park and while it was amusing to watch him drive to some random house and then cut across their backyard just to get to the park, I was annoyed that the match took so long that I had to end it since my sim was starting to die from hunger and exhaustion and was also starting to stink. Further annoyance from watching the mother sim at home stand in place for several seconds before doing any of the actions I’d queued and after playing another “day” in the game, I quit. It’s probably the end for me and TS3 and what hurts the most is that my dislike of TS3 makes me slightly dislike TS2 now.

Another day with nothing written. My excuse is starting to wear thin, however.


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