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Aaah…even sicker Saturday, November 5, 2011

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Today was just the worst day. I can barely breathe and I just want to lay down and die. Seriously, I was definitely wishing for death today at first-job.
I called my parents for the recipe for a hot toddy and had to make three of them just to start feeling tired.
The only highlight of the day was that since I couldn’t sleep at all last night and woke three separate times only to give up on sleep for fear of drowning in my mucus, I was up at 8 in the morning for once and was able to watch Newcastle v Everton online. It was a great game despite Newcastle’s win and I’m really starting to get into soccer/Euro football. I like the idea of the Premier League’s table and seeing who’s at the top and who isn’t. This would probably be a new obsession for me if I wasn’t so sick, but I am. For yet another day, I’m not writing anything. I think I’d feel more guilty about breaking a year-long streak, but my can barely see and just need some rest.


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