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Doesn’t Mean Anything Sunday, October 16, 2011

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by Alicia Keys ~ Elements of Freedom

I wrote the most of Flight in 2007 when Alicia Keys’ As I Am album came out and from that album, I fell in love with the songs No One and Lesson Learned, which are still two songs with some of the highest plays in my iTunes. I mention Flight here because I would often put one or another of these songs on repeat by itself and just write to it. Well, it’s 2011 (almost 2012) and I’ve found a new Alicia song to put on repeat and write: Doesn’t Mean Anything.

I love that moment when I hear a song and I know it is to be a favorite. More recently, I’ve discovered some of these songs while playing Rock Band, but also in discovering Spotify a few days ago and then playing the crap out of Doesn’t Mean Anything, I’ve felt that same moment again, much like I did when I first heard Lesson Learned.

Alicia Keys has long since replaced Mariah Carey when I consider my “favorite” singer and even though her last album is a few years old and she has come under some unfavorable spotlight lately, her music still moves me and moves me specifically to write.


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