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My lesson Saturday, October 8, 2011

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I find it fascinating that I could spend nearly an entire day a week ago writing notes for a project and now have no desire to even glance at the notes in my AwesomeNote app. It’s a little discouraging. Perhaps, it’s a result of my neglecting to read and study and go to church lately.

I will say something about punishments, however. Yesterday, and my some measures today, I received a notable lesson about life. Yesterday I augmented my plans for the day to my detriment for the vague promise of another person and saw no reward for it. The lesson is learned however.

I’d been praying for not guidance, but clear help for a part of my life that’s been plaguing me. Specifically, I’d prayed that I knew right from wrong and I’d like very much to do right and yet, I couldn’t deny how badly I wanted to do wrong. Very, very badly. Today, however, I’ve received my answer. There was never a moment when what was wrong for me could have possibly been good and as a result I’ve been put in a position I’d rather not be since this month was going so well so far.


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