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Guilt Monday, October 3, 2011

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I feel just awful. I’ve not done anything specifically wrong, but yet every interaction lately makes me feel guilty.

I made some amazing headway today in my quest for a normal adulthood and actually cleaned my bathroom. As gross as it sounds, I’d not fully cleaned it in months, so it’s going to take another two or three harsh cleanings to get it in the condition it needs to be so I can go back to bi-weekly cleanings, but my goodness! the progress I’ve made today.

All this progress notwithstanding, I can’t help my guilt of things I’ve said and actions I’ve taken which means that I truly must be doing something wrong. I’ve got to get out of this “pickle.” I’ve got to find a way to reduce this guilt since I’m not even having any of the fun that should be coming with all this guilt.


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