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Dorienne the prognosticator Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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I can’t remember how old I was when these started, but I’ve long since had what I’ll call an “ability,” for lack of a better word, to sort of see things before they happen.

This little gift has proven far from useful since I’m not one to really believe in that sort of thing and also since these visions are never of any use since they aren’t clear until they actually happen.

The perfect example of this happened recently while we were on the whale watch. Late Monday, I started to get this premonition that my phone was going to slide out of a hand and then there was going to be a giant splash of water caused by the phone. This was all the “vision” brought to my mind’s eye. Not when this would happen or anything about the events leading up to this or even bits about the aftermath; nothing useful, but all this nothing just weighed upon my mind all day on Tuesday.

So, when I got on the boat, I made certain that my phone was wedged deep into my pocket, but even then, I still could not shake the feeling of what I’d “seen.” The phone was nearly stuck in my pocket, but (standing far from the railing), I struggled to remove it and finally put it in my bag and zipped the bag shut to keep the phone from somehow slipping from my hands and falling into the water.

This vision, however, continued even after I’d got off the boat and even into dinner, when we were far from the water.

I tried to push away all thoughts of the premonition while at dinner and used my phone to show my mother a particularly hilarious xkcd (http://xkcd.com/954/). She laughed at the comic and as she was handing the phone back to me, it slipped from her hand, caught the edge of my fairly tall cranberry juice and Sprite with lemon mix, causing it to fall over and send a shower of juice and ice all over the table, the nearby wall and my jeans. Shortly after we’d laughed about this, I stopped getting my little vision.

I suppose later in life, when I’m old and most people consider me unstable, this ability will become useful, but for now, it’s just a pain. What good are super-powers if I’ve no idea how to channel them?!?


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