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Purpose Sunday, August 14, 2011

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I’ve reached that time again where I find myself feeling blank and unfortunately bored. The very idea that I can be bored is baffling in itself, but here I am.

I know there’s plenty to write and I’m not stuck on any particular scene, but the desire just isn’t there. I wouldn’t even be playing Rock Band right now if I weren’t so close to finishing Lego Rock Band to as far as I can finish (God help me if I’ll ever be able to complete the solo to Final Countdown on Expert). There’s so much to do, but I can’t will myself to do any of it.

This happens every so often and with so many catalogued instances of it this year, you’d think I’d know how to prepare for and combat it, but here I am.

Around this time, I find that everything I do lacks any purpose. Nothing seems more important or pressing than anything else, thus nothing takes on any significance to me and nothing gets done. This is terrible state to find myself since I’m trying to make the major jump to 1000 words a day as I race to finish this draft before my birthday, but here I am.

I wrote 655 words today (You’re impossible sometimes, you know that) and I’m just praying that these doldrums will lift before the end of the month where I’ll need to jump to 2K words to make my goal for the end of September.


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