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332 Sunday, August 7, 2011

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I made it to church today. As I’ve seen in the past few weeks I’ve attended service, once again, more troubles have fallen on the faithful.

We lost a dear member of our church last night and, while a part of me is nearly all cried out from all the losses I’ve seen at my church home, I’m terribly sadden to hear that he passed.

Few people loved God like he did. He sang the liveliest songs in church though he couldn’t really sing and he did everything in his power to keep his church looking presentable at all times. What I remember most about him was a conversation we’d had back when I was still teaching Sunday school. At Teacher’s Meeting, we were discussing the first chapter of Genesis and whether or not the seven days was truly 168 Earth hours or whether it was a metaphor for the millions of years it took for the earth and its inhabitants to form.

I was growing a little irritated when no one seemed willing to at least meet me halfway on the concept when Brother Mike said in a very clear, purposeful voice that the specifics of whether or not it was truly seven days was not really the point of the text. The point, he advised, was that we as Christians understood that all things came through God first. If I understood that, then all the little things about the “how” weren’t all that important. Years later, that has always stuck with me.

I wrote 332 words tonight (beside him as she watched him draw). That’s about it.


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