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A review of a “little down” Saturday, August 6, 2011

On my way home from first-job this evening, I considered the timeline I’d like to manage for the rest of Damen: have a draft complete by end of September, spend three months slashing it down to 120K words, spend four months making two new edits before sending it to agents in April 2012. As I came to the end, however, I started to feel a little down because I’ve set goals like this before, but have never seen them come to fruition. This “little down” chased me into the house and as I got set to write this evening, I took a glance at my e-mail as a last bit of procrastination.

Waiting for me was a “New Review at SVUfiction.com for Flight, a novel” e-mail and I smiled as I read the title of the e-mail aloud. I smiled even wider as I read the small review of Flight and the “little down” had been kicked in the rear by the time I’d read through a page of all the past reviews of Flight.

As I’ve said before, I now think of Flight as probably one of the worst things I’ll ever write in terms of quality, but the story is still rather fun and, judging by the fact that I can still manage to pick up a review every so often about it, is still an entertaining read.

I ended up writing 314 words tonight (he could not help smiling at the envelope.) and what really brought me out of what could have been a rather sad, depressing evening was the thought of what I really intend to do with Damen. At the end of the day, I just want to tell a story. All I want is for someone to spend some time with these characters that float inside my head for a bit and enjoy themselves while they do it. Despite all the goals I’ve got lined that may very well get broken, if I remember this, I’ll be just fine.


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