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Another day, another list Tuesday, August 2, 2011

While I awoke very close to my designated time, I didn’t get as much done today as I did yesterday. Today, however, I at least spent the majority of the day playing Rock Band which kept me reasonably active throughout the day.

As I consider these three pounds I’ve gained in the past month, I realize that it’s partially because I’d stopped playing Rock Band for all hours into the day and night. Instead of being on my feet and playing songs that, when they get engrossing, can burn some real calories, I would fall asleep on my sofa, completely still and immobile. Granted, playing Rock Band is not what I’d consider the most strenuous of exercises, but between the singing and the strumming, I often get hot enough to work up a light sweat, thus my knowledge that I’m burning at least few calories while I play.

The remedy here isn’t to play Rock Band all day and night to keep my weight static, but it’s very interesting to me to see what taking away that one activity did to my body. For someone who’s as ridiculously inactive as I, even some daily Rock Band can be enough to keep the pounds from packing on endlessly. With all this said, I can only imagine what will happen towards the end of this month if I can keep up trying to wake early every day and get in a real workout. I don’t suspect I’ll be runway thin by the 1st of September, but still…it’s fun to think it.

I wrote 449 words tonight (in a conversation with Jessie Clarke and two of her friends) and I still feel good overall. I’m planning to go back to church on Sunday and now have the tools at my disposal to make that actually happen. I got the first half of my list completed and feel ready to go back to working 50+ hour weeks at first-job to ensure I’m not so crazy busy by the month’s end.

Another day and I’m still well.


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