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Enter the queen Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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So after many, many months of writing, I’ve finally introduced Tatum Price to Damen. Like Tabitha, Dana and Brendon who has still to enter, Tatum has only a peripheral function to the overall story, but I really enjoy his character.

I’m not entirely sure how I created him, but if memory serves, I think he spawned from a boy I’d met at a party second year at school. He was just so flamboyant and happy to be such that he stuck in my memory even though I had been ridiculously hammered at the time.

Tatum serves a very common stereotype, but I think he does so in such a way that helps shape Jessie Clarke’s character a little more and helps the reader see the town of Hanby more in line with Damen’s view of it. Though I’m very far into the novel at this point, it’s useful to reinforce the corrupt view that Jessie represents before I go into the darker material of what happens with Amber. All of this may very well get edited and I’ll look back on this, rolling my eyes, but for now…I write.

I wrote 309 words tonight (announced Dana Barrington’s arrival at the school) and now, for the song that made me cry tonight:


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