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Life’s decisions Sunday, July 24, 2011

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I’m not sure if I’ve said it earlier, but I’ve decided to grow out my natural hair, meaning no more relaxers for a while. I haven’t been able to stand them for the past couple years and seeing as how my hair is nearly always in braids, I don’t see much point to them anymore.

I’m going to take down my hair tonight and for the first time in forever, I’m going to get my braids done again tomorrow, without a relaxer break this time. I’m a bit nervous about this because I vaguely fear my hair is just going to randomly start falling out big clumps if I don’t get a relaxer precisely six weeks after the previous, but I know it’s just nerves about change in general.

I watched the sixth Harry Potter movie today and, whether it was because I hadn’t read that book in over six or possibly seven years or whether it was because of better acting and storytelling overall, I liked Movie 6 far better than I liked Movies 4 and 5. This will most likely change come the time I decide to re-read Book 6, but for now, I can honestly say I like the adaptation of Book 6 more than I actually liked the book, which is really a first for me.

Again, I’ve not read the book in ages, though there were a few parts I remember being notably missing, and I was rather confused at some parts and a bit bored at others, but I haven’t been his entertained by a Potter film since some time in 2004.

I wrote 350 words tonight (a short ponytail, if he desired.), not to mention the other hundred or so I managed in the notes of this Potter fic, which I imagine will continue to stay at the forefront of my mind until some time later this week, when I’ve seen all 8 Potter films and fulfill that sense of completion that’s been bugging me since I opted not to see the sixth one in the theatres.

Also, I didn’t go to church again today and since I work next weekend, this means I’ll have gone the entire month of July without going at all. I certainly didn’t mean for this to happen, though I’ve spoken to some family and church family recently. I’m not as hurt by it this week as I was last week. I’m not sure if I’m making peace with not going or just relenting to the fact that I needed some time away from that particular church, but I must say, I’ve not talked to God this much since I first joined the church 5 years ago.


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