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Not 21 anymore Thursday, July 21, 2011

Between the ages of 19 and 21 and I developed a somewhat healthy obsession with Dance Dance Revolution. My friends and I would play the various games all the time and I eventually introduced my family to it and showed them how it was “meant” to be played. At one point, I could do most of the songs on DDR Max on the hardest setting and still finish without failing and the majority of my daily exercise surrounded playing DDR in Workout mode to burn through 1000+ calories in the game.

Tonight, after close to 6 months without doing any real physical activity, I decided it was time to work out a little and, since this desire has only come a few weeks after I finally cancelled my gym membership, I decided to play through 500 calories worth of DDR songs. I learned something fascinating after the first song, however…I am not 21 anymore.

I stopped being simply out of shape years ago and have metamorphosed into something entirely new. I got through my workout, but wow! Six months of inactivity can make you just plain delirious after a while.

I wrote 418 words tonight (close proximity to my neck with scissors) and I’m starting to delve into some more really interesting character development. Brit cutting Damen’s hair is one of those scenes that came to me early in the notes of the novel and has developed almost entirely unchanged over the past couple years; I’m excited to finally “write” it.

As I approach the end of July, I’m starting to get the urge to set some fantastic goals, but I wonder if I’m stretching a little too far. After my recent piano failure, I’m loathe to pick up a new hobby, but this goal-setting itch just must be scratched. I’m leaning between upping my word count to a 300-word minimum a day and something crazy like working out every day, but I recognize the good thing I’ve got going for me. My 250-word minimum has not failed me these past months, even on days when I was ready to thrown in the proverbial towel or give up on Damen entirely and since I’ve worked out tonight for the first time since at least February if not longer, I’m not sure I’m ready to throw myself back into an exercise regimen that I’m just going to quit in a few weeks.

I suppose I’ve got the rest of the month to decided; these are just some ideas floating around in the end since I’m still a bit dizzy from that workout.


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