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19 chapters down Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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I wrote 521 words today to stare at the ceiling all night. Tomorrow, I continue in much of the same format I used to write/edit chapters 3-12, where I carefully review the notes and any previously written prose and craft the draft from there, instead of re-writing everything I’ve previously written and then having to essentially work from scratch.

I had to completely re-write my previous work for chapters 13-19. Originally, it was 13 and 14 and then I saw 15 wouldn’t work as it was, so it had to be re-done. Then 16 got split into two chapters and then combined and then split into two chapters again. Chapter 17 seemed to drag on and on and on forever before I realized I had got to 18 and Chapter 19 was so strong and verbose that I hardly blinked before I finished it. So here I am.

The novel was supposed to end at Chapter 24, but as I am now reviewing what was once Chapter 18 and am now calling Chapter 20, I know I’m looking at a minimum of 30 chapters before all is said and done, no pun intended.

The closer I get to 30 chapters, the more likely I know this novel will exceed 300K words, which means a ridiculously lengthy editing process to get it down a respectable and publishable 120K. I’m almost there though. This time last year, I was endlessly procrastinating and would go weeks on end without even looking at Damen. Today, however, I’m focused and I write in Damen every day if not also a little of Jill now that a sort of plot is slowly starting to take place there.

I’m almost done…I can make it…I’m almost done…


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