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831 Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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If I’ve learned anything while writing this novel it is that once the creative juices start flowing, it is very difficult to tourniquet the flow.

Sometimes this is a blessing (well, actually every word of creativity is a blessing) and is very welcome after a few days of barely scraping up 250 words. Other times, this lack of an off switch can keep me writing well past the time I should be doing other things, most often sleep. I can’t count the number of times I’ve written well into my zone, only to look up and see dawn peeking through my blinds, when I know I’ve not gone to sleep for the night. This realization is usually followed with an explicative and a rush to finish my thought so I can force myself to sleep. This plan, however, usually backfires as the rush to finish just fuels the fire and I end up writing for another hour longer.

I mention this, not because I spent the night writing this time, but as a reminder to myself that if I’m going to write in the morning prior to going to first job, I have to create clear starting and stopping points before I set my fingers to the keyboard.

I wrote 831 words today (the wall and cracked its glass) and will likely write some more this evening as I’ve not got the creative flow of Damen and Jill out of my system yet, but tomorrow, at least, I know it’s imperative to have a gameplan in place before I begin to write.


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