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Surprising peoples Saturday, July 16, 2011

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I was surprised by 4 different people today; some by what they said, others by how they reacted to me. Today was an odd, but interesting day, despite spending the majority of it at first-job.

I often look at the person I am today and wonder if this is really the person I want to be. On occasion, I answer my own question positively and today was one of those days. So, I suppose I could count myself as a fifth surprising person for today.

I wrote 322 words tonight (so they could silently read together) and really struggling to reach my goal. As I approach 250 words, I can get exasperated in my quest to “just be finished with it” and I will stare at the screen when it has just 145 or 235 words and I know I still have to push a bit more. Though it’s still a bit of a struggle, I love writing just a little more when I know I’ve hit the word count goal. Again, rather surprising considering the struggle to just get started.


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