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195 posts and… Friday, July 15, 2011

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…I’ve run out of titles. I’ve even run out of song-title titles for these posts as I’ve included a post for nearly all the music I play while I’m writing. In a desperate search for at least a new song-title post title, I even tried playing some random songs on the iPhone, but did not like what I heard, not enough to call a post by it, and eventually quit.

Once again, I haven’t much to say tonight. I think that by this point in the week, I’m just so exhausted, I’m left bereft of anything meaningful to say…which is a real problem for a wannabe writer.

I wrote 332 words tonight (It’s your family now) and since the iPhone is now blasting some song that I didn’t even realize was on it (Drift Away??!??), it’s time to close.


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