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Google + what = boredom? Monday, July 11, 2011

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So, I received a Google+ invite today and we found it amusing that in order to use it properly, it seemed we had to message one another on Facebook to tell the other to go see what we posted on Google+. There’s something flawed in this… I suppose it will catch on eventually once more people get started, but unless they’re offering a ton of things that Facebook hasn’t got, it may take a while. For one, I’ve grown accustomed to my auto-updates from RockBand.com and Goodreads on my Facebook, so that my friends and acquaintances can see what kind of nerd I am. It’s going to take some time before G+ hits this level of ubiquity, but the fact that there’s no Farmville or Cityville invites driving me crazy is a +1.

I’ve found a little bit of a boost today as I finished Chapter 18 of Damen. When I first started the re-writes of Chapters 13 and 14, it was just for those two. Then I ventured into Chapter 15 and found that I wanted to change the entire structure of the next chapter as well. Eventually, the next chapter fell in line with the same level of edits and now, instead of two chapters per Word doc, I’m looking at now 5 of them instead. The good thing, as I keep telling myself, is that I got another chapter under my belt and I’m “this” much closer to finishing the novel.

By now, I’ve done about 15 chapters in the past seventh months, which isn’t anything grand, but considering that none of these chapters are less than 5K words and I’ve gone at the agonizingly slow pace of around 300 or so words a night, I’d say I’ve accomplished something.

I wrote 2672 words today (and added Brit as a friend again) and – phew! – I finished another chapter. I’m not filled with the usual glee I normally get when I complete a chapter, but I think it’s just the fatigue.


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