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Major changes Thursday, July 7, 2011

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For the past two months, I’ve done a pretty lousy job at posting precisely on time. I’m usually within an hour or so, but lately it’s got a bit ridiculous.

Psychologically, I can’t take the impact of a missed day by a few minutes and have fudged a bit here and there, but even that’s starting to weigh on me. This occurs because my new schedule at first-job doesn’t really give me all the time I need in the evening anymore to get this done and I think I’m quite tired of my evenings being broken into bits because I know I need to post by a certain time.

At some point this year, it was imperative that I set down the ground rules carefully to ensure that I was accountable to myself and that I posted and wrote everyday. In actuality, that hasn’t changed; just the hour in which I manage to update each day. I know, however, that I must write everyday. I no longer need constant reminders lest I forget my purpose for doing what I’ve done over the past 7 months.

As I’m more of an nightowl and I’d like to give myself a full day to write and post, I’m doing a bit of a double post to get the ball started and even wrote some extra to make it official.

I’m going to start posting in the wee hours of the morning moving forward as I these are the true end of my day and as I long as I get something written and posted within a 24 hour period, I’m still golden.

I wrote 481 words today (maybe you should think about that before getting mad at her) and after two posts and many, many words, it’s well past time for bed.


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