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The last day Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Every once in a while, I realize how much I miss teaching Sunday School.

Each week, we’d dive into a new piece of the bible and dissect it, examine it and explore it until it not only became clear, but took on a whole new significance in our lives now that we’d read it. I miss not just that, but writing my notes for each lesson. It was almost like writing a full sermon every week and each week, I’d try to give the young adult class my best little sermon.

I barely remember any of them now, but tonight while writing, I’m beginning to remember parts of one I may have written long ago as I let my characters dive deeper into Luke 15. As I had Brit begin to explain verses 5 – 7, my mind went into the zone and the same “spirit” I called up to help me write my mini-sermons many months ago leapt to my heart and helped me write this portion of my book.

I think it’s so easy for me to write about Luke 15 because I always carry it in my heart. Perhaps it’s because I look at my own Christian experience and can easily hold it again these three verses. Like no other part of the bible, these words speak to me and hold me when I forget the reasons why I even became a Christian five years earlier.

I had a lot to say this evening about getting through this week without any distractions, but I don’t think all that is necessary. I wrote 692 words tonight (The woman and her coin) and found all of my inspiration from my favorite book and chapter of the bible. I’ve no desire currently to flip on the television and watch until my brain dissolves, but I have got the desire to be wrapped within the Word once more. If I have nothing else to show from these last nine days, I can always carry that.


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