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A what infection?? Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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When I think of ear infections, I usually imagine some four or five-year-old child whose parents weren’t taking particularly good care of them. So, when I receive a random pain in my ear and then, after being panic-stricken for three days thinking that it was the start of some horrible cancer, I’m told that I’ve got just an ear infection, I can’t help wondering what the hell I’ve been doing wrong to make this happen.

Apparently, I’ve been ignoring the varied states of sickness I’ve faced for the past month, working through just about everything and refusing to take medicine unless I’m incapable of breathing properly, and what had started out as a small viral infection in the throat simply shifted to my ears to get my complete attention.

It’s not the fact that I’m sick that pisses me off, but the fact that I’m only sick because I’ve refused to really rest when I’ve had the chance to do so. The week before last, I was on vacation and barely did anything productive and yet, I didn’t get as much sleep as I could have had and most likely needed and so here I am, with multiple antibiotics and praying that this doesn’t turn into something worse; the fact that the antibiotics are giving me some nausea and fatigue is not helping this stress either.

Mild sickness aside, I did manage some writing tonight and got in 261 words (if you wanted to expand outside of sketches). I should be wide awake given the amount of sleeping I’ve done today, but I’ll most likely read myself to sleep than do anything I really want to do tonight, like write, or play Rock Band…or write, or play Rock Band…or write, or play Rock Band…


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