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412 Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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One of these days I’m going to make it over 500 words again…

I was so tired this evening that I had to take a short nap with Frasier in the background before I took a moment to write. This is Day Two where I’ve not taken the time to play the piano; I hope to rectify this come tomorrow morning when I’m back on schedule, or at least as close to the schedule I think I ought to have.

I wrote 412 words tonight (turned his attention back to the television) and while I’ve mixed a little action and dialogue within the walls of “tell,” I think it’s working out all right. Only the axe of a later editing will tell if I’ve done it right.

I’ve not got much to say tonight other than the fact that I had a lovely drive home as I took the long route near the river to get back home. With my favorite Green Day songs echoing throughout my new car and the sunroof letting in the lightest touch of a cool summer night’s air, I looked west to see the last stretches of sunlight disappearing behind the line of trees. It was at this moment (I think I was in the middle of crooning to “Last Night on Earth”) that I realized, despite not having precisely what I want at this moment in my life, I am happy and that’s what counts most.


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