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An early night Monday, June 13, 2011

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With first-job calling extra early tomorrow, I’ve got to get to bed a little earlier than my usual 4am, so I’m calling it a night early.

I’ve got some Frasier to re-watch, however, and I rather than try to break my string of episodes only to end up staring at the laptop screen for forty minutes as I muster some creativity, I figured I’d write now instead of after Rock Band and TV drained what’s left of my writing ability for the day.

I wrote 335 words today (she sighed as she poured herself a glass of wine) and I’ve been thinking about a character who has yet to appear in the novel yet all day. Like with Dana’s character, I love him dearly, though I’m not entirely sure of his full purpose in the novel. Though, again, just like Dana’s character, I’m sure if I just keep writing, inspiration is bound to do the rest.


One Response to “An early night”

  1. cryingwhale Says:

    335 words can be hard enough… you have my sympathy 🙂

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